Your Representative for Iowa House District 69

It is an honor…

…to be back at the State Capitol representing Cedar Rapids, Fairfax and Walford. I remain committed to working with legislators on issues that will move our state forward while standing strong against unjust policies and bills that take away rights and freedoms of Iowans.  Some of the most outrageous bills and policies being proposed attack the rights of Iowans in the workforce, the rights of women to their own health care decisions, and the rights of our children to a quality education. I am proposing legislation that moves our state forward. There will be more to come as bills progress or die in future newsletters. 

State Representative Kirsten Running-Marquardt with husband Coy Marquardt and son Jack.



This Year

I am serving on the Appropriations, Labor and Economic Growth committees, and I am the Ranking Member on the Economic Development Appropriations Subcommittee. As always, it is an honor to work for you and my gratitude for your support continues.  If you have any comments or suggestions on issues, or need assistance with state government, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.